Makeup Artist Entries

Journal Entry

Feb 7, 2003

As a child I always wanted to be a ballerina. I watched a movie about Degas and how he painted “The Little Dancer” and was excited to have that experience. I loved dancing. I wasn’t a prima ballerina but I loved modern ballet. I loved that I needed no words to describe my art. I could disappear and no one was there anymore. I had childhood dreams to be better and do triple pirouettes in point shoes. I was willing to sacrificethe looks of my toes, skip meals to be the right weight, and stretch for hours in my room. As I grew older, I realized that the stage is no place for me. No matter how much I mastered modern ballet the stage was my enemy. I left.


Journal Entry 

Aug 29, 2015

Today, I had the pleasure of doing photo shoot makeup  for a beautiful ballerina. She lives to dance. Starting out as a gymnast she broke her wrist, which led her to ballet. Of course, as a women who loves ambition, I had to ask her what her dreams were. She wants to dance. Her short term goal is to be part of a company in Germany.  She made that goal sound so reachable. Like it was in her back pocket. She had no fear of having to leave the country, learn a new language, or leave her boyfriend. She was fearless. I didn’t get to ask her about the things she did fear. I am sure she has things she fears but we didn’t need to speak of them. She spoke bravely of leaving her hometown in New Jersey to come dance in our small town. She couldn’t stop there, the company was waiting for her. Her dreams were waiting for her. There was no time for fear.

This is the attitude of a women who will be successful. If you allow it, fear will make your decisions for you. Fear will lock you in the house, fear will shut you up, fear can rule your world. One way to rid fear is to find something you love and do it. Do it for friends. Do it for family. Do it for God. Then when you realize you have done it, the rest of the world isn’t so scary. Stop talking about what you are afraid of and what makes you uncomfortable. Get on the stage and dance or sing or write or run. The world is waiting for you, I am waiting for you.



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