Several Ways To Maintain A Positive Mental Attitude

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My name is Mike Kuplevatsky. I’ve written a boatload of articles over the years. Most of them were technology-related. Lately, though, I’ve been writing articles that are psychology-related. Weird, I know. A computer geek who happens to love psychology? I don’t like psychology for any insidious purposes, I swear. I thought it we be interesting if I shared my “Several Ways To Maintain A Positive Mental Attitude” with you. So, buckle up and be prepared to get your psyche evaluated!

Thinking – Negativity’s Better Half (Control Your Thoughts)

In life, there comes a time when a lot of us start seeing things in two colors; black or white. In some situations, anyway. We sometimes overthink, re-think or generalize things, but we have to keep one thing in mind.

Nothing will destroy us more than our own false thoughts will

If a particular situation didn’t go so well, it’s easy for you to think about all of the possibilities as to why that situation didn’t go the way you wanted it to. It’s at that moment that you overwhelm yourself by thinking about the possible reasons as to why that situation ended the way it did. Was it something you said? Something you missed? Something you’d wish you’d said? Something the other person said? The truth of the matter is that there are two things you have to remember in any given situation:
  1. Your thoughts turn into emotions which turn into actions. It’s easy for us to think about all of the possibilities as to why something didn’t go according to plan. What we don’t often realize is that when our emotions escalate, our thought process changes. For example: A logical, mentally healthy person will never tell him/herself that they are worthless. If that is all they ever hear, however and their situation in life just so happens not to be the best one, it’s easy for the person to become emotional and try finding reasons as to why that person “may be right after all.”
  2. How you treat people is your karma, how people treat you is their karma. This is extremely common in the lives of many individuals. Take Tom, for example. He’s a successful journalist who lives in a beach house with his family. If Tom has lived a successful life for most of his life and receives very few negative comments, it would be very easy for Tom to focus on those bad comments, because they don’t happen as often, so when they do, he thinks, “there’s probably a reason for it.” Understandable, but mistaken. Remember this. Before you go around thinking that something’s wrong with you or what you did, make sure you’re not just surrounded by jerks who don’t understand what you’re doing or who you are. Know your worth and stand up for yourself. Don’t let the opinions of others change what you think about yourself.

Exercise Your Body, Refresh Your Mind

I live by the idea that if you take care of your body, it will take care of you. So, instead of doing what your daily agenda requires you to do and end it there, you should always consider makingme time and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Did I make myself happy today?
  2. What have I learned today that I didn’t know yesterday?
  3. Who did I spend time with? Were they a positive influence in my day?
  4. If I could change one thing about myself or my life, what would it be and how could I change it?
  5. How do I feel about myself?

Asking yourself these questions on a daily basis can give you a sort of “progress report.” The more you care about yourself, the more positively you see yourself, the more others will see you in the same light.

Ways To Keep Your Body & Mind Healthy

  • When you wake up, drink a cold glass of water and go for a jog. When you return from your job, drink another cold glass of water and eat a banana (or a light breakfast).
  • Drink a cold glass of water before each meal.
  • Pursue a 7-minute intense workout session. Do some squats, push-ups, sit-ups and yoga stretches. Drink a cold glass of water afterwards.
  • At some point during your day, give yourself 30 minutes to an hour and do something you love. Read, watch a movie or a show, listen to music, write, etc.
  • Socialize. Text your friends, ask them to meet up for dinner or some coffee and catch up. Seeing how your loved ones are doing or being able to see the lives of others can inspire you to improve in your own life. We’re all looking for inspiration in some way, shape or form. Never lose hope.
  • Pursue therapy if you’d like to talk to someone and get things off of your chest and create a better you.
This keeps your mind and body in a productive state and allows you think in a more clear, concise manner.
Well, that’s it, folks! Remember that you deserve to have the life you want and that you matter. If you believe you can have a better life and you’re worth more than you think you are, others will too!

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