Being missed

Throughout life I have learned that friends come and go. I have also learned that all men aren’t bad, but I had to learn that through experience. I used settle for less, thinking men didn’t possess any behavioral traits other than cheating, abuse, and narcissism. I figured you had to make a bargain, hand in one for the other. I was fine with this. I was patient enough for a cheater, tough enough for an abuser, and well, no one is ever anything enough for a narcissist. None of them worked out for me.

One Friday night, my coworker mentioned that his long time girl friend was away on business. In the world I settled for, this was a great thing. I said to him, “You must be enjoying yourself!” He looked at me for a brief moment and to my surprise he said, “I miss her when she’s gone.” He then puts his head down and busies himself in his work. Tonight he was quiet and he was genuine.

Men miss their girlfriends?! I saw love in his face. I saw him miss her. This was new for me. I was doing something wrong. My whole idea of relationships was wrong. With no father in my home being missed can easily be overlooked.

Since that day, I looked for that. I wanted to be missed the way my coworker’s girlfriend was.

Thankfully, I have found a man who loves me and misses me. I married him.

This life isn’t worth putting up with or bargaining for less. Don’t hand in one, for the other. There are actually people out there that don’t do any of those things. I know, I know, where are they? I am not sure. But I know for darn sure they aren’t going to come knocking on your door and if they did, that would be super creepy.

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