Rebelious Love

We were walking trying to find a place to be rebels in secret. Some would think rebels in secret would be pointless, but that didn’t cross our mind. We had a plan and it was going to be executed. We run, hands clasped, trees racing by. They all look the same at first. Then I notice some are fat, some are full of life, others decrepit with life inside them. The wind is trying to blow through my tights curls. Nothing can get through them. My hair thick and bouncing together as one.

I’m the leader. I hate being the leader. I do know these woods. Not at night. Not while I run. Fear doesn’t stop me. It should. I feel our hands grasped so tight I can no longer feel my pinky. I like this, because then I don’t have turn around with my fear, or lack there of, being seen. I know if I see a face full of fear, it may overcome me. Overcome my rebellion.

I ignore it. I can’t feel it. I can no longer feel anything. Adrenaline has kicked in. Our breath is heavy. I am no longer a body. I have no feet, legs, hands, or face.

I wonder how long till we find the place. I wonder will we ever get there.

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