I am an Unbeliever

Let me start by saying, no, I am not referring to Christianity in anyway. I am a Christian.

I am referring to the devils voice inside my head, to the haters, and to those who expect me to fail. I am absolutely an unbeliever.

It’s funny, once you have a break through, how many things can come against you. Some people even try to be supportive of your ambitions and unintentionally hinder your mindset. At the end of the day it is our own mind and our own misconceptions that slow us down.

On Wednesday, I walked into my yoga class and I immediately felt the peacefulness in the room. It felt like I was screaming even though my voice was at a whisper. By the time I left I was as peaceful as the rest of the class. My mind was clear and I was officially an unbeliever.

Since I started my school project on ambition, my life has never been the same. As some of you may know, that project has led me to start writing a book about people from Southeastern Connecticut. Stories about people who work hard for their families and our community. They each have such amazing stories to be told. They need to be heard and I am stepping up to the plate to put these stories out there. I have dreams to inspire and give hope to those around me. If one individual is inspired by these stories that I have been blessed with, then my job will be a success.

All this made me realize, I am an unbeliever. I don’t believe I am a failure because my work needs improvement. I don’t believe I am stupid because I actually have to study for a test. I don’t believe I am less of a person because I dropped out and went to adult education. I don’t believe that I will be a failure. Even when I feel lost and alone, I don’t believe I am in the wrong place.

I believe I am a learner because I challenge myself to keep working at improving. I believe I am a hard worker because I actually take time to study. I believe I am smart even though I’m a “drop out” and I proved society wrong by surviving. I believe that failure only helps me, to not only get better, but to excel from my short comings. I believe that the best time to find myself is when I feel lost and alone.

So yes, I am an unbeliever and I invite you to be an unbeliever with me.



This post was inspired by: You+Me Unbeliever



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