My place of Freedom

I have finally found it!! A place of freedom.

I got worried for a little while that there was something wrong with me. But I googled every possible ailment and thank goodness I suffer from none except for maybe ambition.

I am a hot mess. I get motivated to change the world. I get hurt and overwhelmed. I get tired and lazy.  I am messy at home and overly neat at work. In life I sometimes mentally prepare myself because I know I am about to over work myself. I stop sometimes too. RIght in the middle of my tracks. I am rude and super nice. I undermine and over think people.  Sometimes I accidentally  tell a secret. I drink. I curse when I am angry and sometimes when I write. I laugh at everything. It’s funny. Bad jokes melt my heart. I am going to do research and write about it. I am going to be the best teacher I can be. That is me. I know exactly who I am and I am not going to change my annoying little habits that harm no one.

Well… now that I think about it, maybe I will. I mean why not? There are always things I need to change. I will daydream less and listen more. I will say in advance, “don’t tell me your secrets.” I will be more selfless. I will learn to hear discouraging words as constructive criticism.

Now that this is read aloud by me. It has occurred to me that I use I entirely too much. Should I replace it with with we, she, Saschia, or me?

(that rhymes lol)


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