Up there?!

After doing some morning writing and getting my munchkie on the bus, I had to get out of the house for a walk. I usually wouldn’t bring my dog because she isn’t leash trained. When other dogs show up she tends to be a bit more aggressive. Since it was early and cold, I didn’t think anyone else was going to be out there. My guess was right, the trail was empty. This is a new trail for her and is a bit more intense than she is used to. When we got to the mostly up hill section of the hike she began to turn around. I gently let her know the way we were going. She was fine with it. We got to a clearing where you can look over a cliff and see water. She decided to sit with me and begged for cuddles. It was nice.

We then continued our journey. We got to the hardest part of the trail. Any time I take people on the hike they always look up at the narrow passage of rocks, eyes wide, mouth agape and say, “up there?” They know the answer to that question every time. My dog did the same thing, without speaking of course. She nervously went in for the narrow passage. Half way through she decided to stop and back up acting like it wasn’t going to happen. Since the passage was too narrow I couldn’t step aside. Plus, I knew she could do it, so I wasn’t backing down. I climbed over her squeezing my leg between her head and the rock wall. Then I allowed her to see my footing. After she saw it was possible, she was right behind me sqeezing her head betwen my feet. We made it through the passage way, pretty much on top of each other, and to the end of the passage. It was a victory! Checking out the scenery we again sat and admired the view. I looked at her and said, “it’s all downhill from here.” Feeling optimistic about the way down.

To my surprise, it was much harder going down then up. I knew it would be easier to let her leash go but I feared another dog would show up or she would run too far ahead for me to catch up. After falling twice I decided to let go. She stayed right by my side. Sometimes went a few steps ahead just to come back and check on me. No dogs. No humans. Today we gained a connection we have never had. I pushed her to the top and let go on my way down.

It’s funny, in life we get to these narrow passage ways Or downhill battles and allow fear to take over. We allow ourselves to think we are incapable of something. And we stop. We stare, we try to turn around, and give up. Sometimes it just takes someone to climb over us and show us our footing. Sometimes we just need to let go. Everyone isn’t always lucky enough to have someone walking them through the dark times. But when you do, there is nothing else you can do but charish them.

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