It’s the distractions in life

So while most of the students around me are taking notes, I’m obsessed with finding more out about this element called Bromine. I laugh to myself. Then some how my inner evil takes over. I wonder, what I can blow up with this stuff? Omg, something bright and pink. Lithium!? “mmm, Yes, it burns pink.” (I am using my best evil scientist voice)

“Hm, I wonder what would happen if I burned a lithium battery? Probably an Explosion or something really anticlimactic  What if I added Lithium to bromine?! A pink explosion of glitter maybe?! Yes, I said it, glitter. You will find it on you for months after I get my hands on this concoction.”

Then I come back from my evil world of pink exploding glitter and the professor is writing some formula to solve something. I missed that part. I jot down the formula with security in the fact that my husband is a Chem Tech. Time is never an issue when I am not paying attention in Chemistry class. Zoned back in, I pay attention and things start to make sense again. I think the chemistry teacher does a great job. I also think the Chem department is run very well. I would never blame them for me failing chemistry. But I am learning and that’s the point.


So here’s what happens when you stab a lithium battery. It burns Pink!

And of course we couldn’t leave out Bromine poured on an iphone.


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