5 things I learned from living in my car

Public Libraries are gifts from the community

I was delighted every morning to have a place where I could go to write and read books in peace without feeling out of place. It was always nice to get out of the heat and the librarians were always pleasant and willing to help. Plus, free WiFi.

Let yourself Sweat

This is a hard one for me since I was on the verge of getting Botox shots in my pits. However, I noticed one night that I was really hot and I couldn’t figure out why. I was so uncomfortable that night which didn’t make sense because it was much cooler that night. The nights beforehand I had slept through comfortably. Then it occurred to me that I wasn’t sweating; at all. Not my pits, not my forehead, nowhere. I had a little bag of these rice crackers earlier that were loaded with sodium. I was dehydrated. I chugged a bottle of water that was hidden under my seats (piss warm, but hydrating) and that did the trick. I slept the rest of the night peacefully. Sweat is gross, yes, I totally agree. I wish I didn’t have to sweat to keep myself cool but in situations like these, we’re talking life or death.

Give to your local soup kitchen

Nearing the end of my journey, sadly, I ran out of funds. Instead of adding to the “safety” of easily accessible American debt, I google searched a local soup kitchen. I was so grateful to find a place sheltered from the sun and where people gave with very little judgement. Getting fresh fruits and veggies is the best gift a healthy wanderer could ask for. I also received a hot meal which I hadn’t had in a couple of days. I cannot express how thankful I was to be there and to be loved without questioning.

Be naked as much as possible

While I can be stark naked in a public restroom stall, it just isn’t the same as in the privacy of my own home. I was always dressed appropriately so that those around me wouldn’t know I was living in my car. After a couple days, even with changing my clothes regularly, I had irritations from the heat where the elastic was constantly up against my skin. So be Naked and relish in it!

Be Understanding

Even though I made the choice to live in my car for the week, I was embarrassed to talk about it. Nobody knew except for those closest to me. Others may not have the same option as to me to be able to run to cover. It was not a luxurious get-away and I am in no way glorifying this lifestyle or making light of it. Don’t judge someone for living differently than you’re used to. Try not to make them talk about it but if someone does trust you with that information, respect them, and don’t treat them differently than you would treat someone who you think has a house.

There is a crowd of people who walked away from society and are no longer willing to live a life defined by those around them. It isn’t our place to say whether they should return or not. Some people figure it out and want nothing else to do with social norms. It isn’t always drugs or bad choices that makes someone leave. Some people were just born that way. Not all who wander are lost and not all who wander are searching.


I didn’t embark on this journey to learn to appreciate the little things, but now I understand why I appreciate them.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Laquana says:

    What was your motivation to do this?


    1. Chiazzz says:

      Thanks for commenting. 🙂 That is a great question. I think most of my motivation came from wanting to see the world from a different perspective.


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