Behind the writer

There is a lot that seems to go on behind the curtain of the writing community. But I’m going to share a list of 7 ways to help understand how to better support a writer.


1. Help them to acknowledge they’re hard work.

In comparison to societies idea of work it may
feel as if they aren’t doing anything. To be completely honest, I feel like I’m lazy even when I’ve written five blog posts, worked on my site, networked, did my writing exercises, researched, and still made time to work on my book.

 2. Writing has to be their life

There is no way around it. If it isn’t they’re life they aren’t living.

writers life3. Invite them places (even randomly)

We often get so wrapped up in our world we don’t have time to check in on friends and family but we do love and miss you guys. If there is anyone in the world that knows “Show don’t tell” its a writer. We may turn you down 5 times but don’t give up on us! We want to be around it’s just that most of the time stories in our heads vanish and never come back so if we don’t get our ideas down or stay involved in our story it could take months for us to get back there. So even if you decide to stop doing the inviting let us invite you when we are ready.

4. Join them in their awkwardness

Ok there are some people out there that can write and then come out of the writing cave and seknight-189159_1280em like the coolest person you have ever met. For me, it’s not quite the same. We are literally taking ideas and making them grow larger than life. So we obsess what seems like silly ideas but it’s actually a huge part of our story (which also means it’s currently a huge part of our life.) So please indulge us in our ideas, come up with new ones, play the devils advocate. Get under our skin. Whatever, it all is welcomed.

5. Read their shit

I know I know we are not all readers but if you have gotten to number 5 then you must have some interest in supporting a writer. If you really don’t wanna read it, share it. click the “like” button, comment a little smiley face, subscribe to their blog. All free things We love it all.

6. Buy their books, articles, subscribe, donate

If they offer any of these options I would say that this would be another awesome way to support writers you love.

7. Write them a note

Notes are nice. My neighbor sent me a note recently that said “I’m here for you” and “You’re my friend” it was comforting to receive those words. Short sweet and to the point. (Thanks Robin)

Be creative

There are so many ways to support your friends and loved ones. You don’t have to stick to this list. You may even have some better ideas.


Thanks for your time and attention. Check me out on Facebook



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jayne says:

    I agree Ron, we are always working and I’m glad you said it cuz I didn’t have the balls to say it myself. Lol Thanks for your comment! I’m super grateful for your feedback.


  2. ronsamul says:

    I think writers are always working. Sometimes it is reading, sometimes thinking, sometimes writing. I don’t (personally) like to write in public (coffee shops and out in public) so a lot of my work is done late at night or early in the morning. Not only are we doing our regular jobs, being around our families, but we are also trying to create, rewrite, and submit our work. That isn’t measured by published works, but it is measured in how we see the world, and how we see ourselves. This is great list.

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