Kill me

I will not yield
to any man
contrary to what is right,
for fear of death,
even if I should die at once
for not yielding.


Fear is a monster. There is healthy fear like don’t run on a wet floor. But then there is a fear that other humans can invoke in us. They can threaten to take our money, our homes, and in some cases, our lives. You have got to know your values so well that when those things are threatened, you will not yield. If you do not stand firm in your values your will be swayed with little consideration.

Fear can trap a man in his own home for days. Fear can rip your family out of your arms. Fear if you let it, can control your entire being. But you can beat it. You can be stronger than fear. You can look fear straight in the eyes and say “No! You will not control me.”

I will not be manipulated. I will not be deceived. My goal in life is to speak the truth and if you are going to come at me with lies or deception in any way, then I’m going to call you out. I have lived entirely too long with my mouth shut.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have my fears and sometimes it takes a couple days for me to confront them. I’m not perfect. I had to fight my fears to learn that there is nothing more important to me than my family. My daughter and my husband are worth fighting for. They are worth my blood and sweat but so am I. I’m worth fighting for. I’m worth blood and sweat. I will not compromise my worth for another individual ever again.

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