My original idea of a hero is the dictionary.com definition. It can be summed up as, someone who is noted for courageous acts, someone who has special achievements, or an immortal being.  I envision Superman, Super woman, Captain America, Veterans, women who defy odds, stuff like that.


I have never felt the craving to be like Super Woman or Captain America. I have always wanted to save the world in silence to avoid being depicted as a hero but humbly I admit I did have a slight super hero complex. I wanted and still want to help people. It’s a craving deep in my core and I often lose myself trying to satisfy it. With my Ambition project, I learned that saving people comes more naturally when we focus on improving ourselves. That’s when I became more focused on my own self-improvement. So when I read the word hero it made me cringe because I have to fight myself regularly by trying not to save and over-protect those around me. I think it’s important to stand up for the underdog but as humans we often fight for everyone else forgetting about ourselves and that’s an issue. That’s not just a woman thing it’s a human thing. And that’s what really got under my skin.

After thinking about why the word bothered me so much I put the whole thing aside and returned to working on my novel. I was learning about different character arches and how every story needs some type of hero. That word again but I did agree every story needs some type of hero. Then since I was showering the YouTube auto play went on to play a video titled “The timeless Tale of the Hero’s Journey.” Listening to it while showering I had to peek out a couple times to make sure the video was real. It was exactly what I needed to change my perception of the word hero.

I found it’s not just the person who runs around saving people, it’s the person who goes out and fights to save himself over, and over, and over again. They say the hero should “listen for their call, accept the challenge, conquer their fear, and claim the treasure they seek. Then do it all over again.” While conducting my ambition project, I spoke with so many people that explained the hardships they’ve endured in their life. They sometimes became emotional while speaking about the dark things they overcame but they overcame them and that’s the point. Not only did they survive those dark times but they still took the time out of their own lives to share what they learned with me. It’s humbling to know what we’ve gone through and it’s inspiring to know we’ve made it through. This is a new perspective on the word hero for me and it is something I want to integrate into different parts of my life. I added the video below for those of you who may be interested in where the inspiration for this post came from.

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