Purple Roses

Solitude is creativity’s best friend, and solitude is refreshment for our souls.

-Naomi Judd via brainyquote.com

Over the last couple days I’ve been in a fog. When writing is my only job and where most of my future lies, it’s discouraging. Trying to figure out the root of this fog was the most infuriating thing. Was it my diet, Lack of exercise, too much exercise, not eating enough sugar, humph! Our bodies, they can be the most complex puzzles. Who needs crosswords when we have our selves to figure out. Sobluelover-1531862_1280 sitting around on Thursday night after skipping out on writing which easily sent me to the point of tears, I was reminded to be gentle. Even with this uninvited fog that seemed to be haunting me, I needed to be understanding and compassionate. I figured I would ask my mama to hang out with Nov the next day so I could go write. I spent the beginning of that morning in a garden center and got lost in future garden projects, the scent of these deep purple roses that my grandmother would love, and the sight of a couple humming birds minding their own business. The clouds lifted and I got a scene done and as an added bonus I got to run into the #1 brother of the year.

So as a reminder to myself for future foggy days of my own or those around me. Solitude. Solitude is the answer. or may be. Things shift a lot. But I think solitude is a great place to begin the search.

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